Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Last Post


Long-time no blog....  For those of you who have left me on their feeds and blogrolls, I just thought I would add one last post as this one concerns the blog.

I have published a sort of "best of" collection of posts which has been possible thanks to Amazon rolling extending their kindle market by opening a UK store.  The book is quite literally a collection of posts from over the twenty months this blog was up and running; it will not be to every one's interest but if it is to yours please check it out on Amazon or click on the widget.

eBooks have overtaken their paper equivalents in terms of sales from the Amazon US store and I is my guess that the same is going to happen here and that ebooks are about to take off.  This is going to allow independent author a direct and simple route to market, so people like myself can have a crack at putting some work out there. 

Personally speaking, since May when I packed the blog in things have been going well.  It was a big change to routine to not be posting regularly but despite the urges to get blogging I have found new motivation to pursue other things.  The main project is a work of fiction that I am very excited about and I hope to also publish in a few months time when it is completed.  I have also been reading a lot which has helped me to refocus a little about where things are going wrong in the UK and I feel this reading will be influential to me if and when I get back to occasional postings elsewhere.

I hope you're all well; I have been looking in around the blogosphere and many of my favourites seems to have had a similar line of thinking and have since the election finished blogging also which is of course a shame, but I am happy to see many other favourites still going strong.