Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking News - X Factor Result

A spokesperson for the European Union's Commissioner of Cultural Activities has announced her disappointment that Alexander was voted the winner of tonight's X Factor in the UK.

An emergency meeting has been called for tomorrow morning. EU leaders Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jose Manuel Barrosso and Jean-Claude Junker will be in attendance to discuss why ITV's viewers made the "wrong decision" and what actions can be done to rectify the situation. Simon Cowell will also attend the meeting and it is hoped that a deal can be reached that will mean that Eoghan Quigg, the lovable Irish boy might still be Christmas Number 1 in the UK.

Gordon Brown is well known in the UK as having written a number of letters to X Factor contestants. He has spoken with the head of the BBC already by phone about the possibility of bringing the popular show under national sponsorship. Proposed legislation will be drafted tonight to bring the show to the BBC and will be considered by a special Parliamentary panel to be assembled by Speaker of the Commons Michael Martin before Christmas. Prominent Labour MP's have welcomed this news, the feeling amongst party MP's is that they should be seen to be doing something positive, unlike the "Do-nothing Spiteful Tories".

A prominent UK politician, with recent ties to the EU Commission has also waded in. "We must ensure that democracy prevails, and that the correct result is achieved. We fully expect a floor vote of the EU Parliament will be called in an emergency session on Monday morning to support a new vote to take place in the UK on Wednesday." The former commissioner followed on by saying that "Clearly the rules that are in place worked fine when there were three judges on the panel, but since this has been expanded to four judges the rules can no longer be considered to be effective; certain rules must be revised in the public interest."

Update 00:33: A statement from MP Andy Burnham is expected in the morning, and the cavalier MP will be raising the matter on behalf of his constituents in Parliament this week.

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Rob said...

OMG, no way do we want EGON QUAGG anywhere near the Top 10, let alone the Top 100.

Alexandra was absolutely amazing, a knockout world-class performer with a breathtaking voice and stamina to match.

JLS actually stood for Just Losers Surely as opposed to Jack the Lad Swing - Aston should go solo and ditch his cabaret backing singers (one guy only had three teeth!).

We should try to keep politics and Europe out of X-Factor ..... you ever seen Eurovision for the waste of space and time that it actually is! LOL :-) Spesh now that Graham Norton is doing the hosting....ugh.