Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Get What You Vote For


And the 25 who are campaigning for votes for wing of The Westminster Party that advocates integration into the EU Super State, (just slightly slower than that other two, but with twice as much denial and drama) are:

•Steve Baker
•Brian Binley
•Peter Bone
•Andrew Bridgen
•Douglas Carswell
•Bill Cash
•Chris Chope
•James Clappison
•Philip Davies
•David Davis
•Richard Drax
•James Gray
•Gordon Henderson
•Philip Hollobone
•Julian Lewis
•Jason McCartney
•David Nuttall
•Andrew Percy
•Dominic Raab
•Mark Reckless
•John Redwood
•Richard Shepherd
•Sir Peter Tapsell
•Andrew Turner
•Martin Vickers


James Higham said...

This is a bit confusing, Daniel. You say Carswell is trying to get us to integrate with the EU superstate? I thought he was at least sceptic.

Daniel1979 said...

No, I am saying Carswell belongs to a party intent on working towards that and would have you vote for that party.