Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pre Election Feelings

If it were me, my poster would say, "People of Europe, WAKE UP!"

Doomsday beckons, the Germans know it.  The Greeks ran up debts which they could not afford by creating a State that demands massively more money than it can raise in taxes. 

So it borrowed from the markets until they said enough.

Now they are now borrowing from the EU, in the form of tax payer loans.  We bailed out the Rock and RBS, the Germans are about to bail our Greece.  At present there is no real plan to cut the Greeks budget deficit sufficiently so as to bring them into a sustainable budget cycle; they are essentially on welfare now.

Through this Greek tragedy has been locked into the Eurozone rules so has not been able to take preemptive corrective actions to limit its problems and worse still is unable to reduce the cost of the state because protesters will set fire to anyone who dares.  Greece, in short, is economically f****d.

Today Angela Merkel has signalled that the success of the EURO and the Greek recovery are intrinsically linked both to the future of the EU and in particular Germany's role within the EU.  The same is true of the UK.

The UK rightly stayed out of the EURO, but once the ink is dry on this Greek loan and once we know how Parliament will look next week the agenda is going to have to turn to matters European.  It is my belief that very soon (perhaps days if not weeks) Germany and France will demand that the UK will need to begin proceedings to join the EURO; it is the currency of the European Union to which we are members.  They will argue that in the meantime we in the UK will need to meet the cost of supporting Greece and it's bloated public sector.  It looks like we will have to endure another round of the Lisbon Treaty.  Were they not content with rubbing our noses in it once?

Germany is still feeling the heavy financial costs of reunification to a single nation; Germans will instinctively know that the cost of uniting a continent will run massively deeper.  The project will need to be sown up with a single federal government or abandoned; with national governments replaced with the regional assemblies already in place to help balance the books.  Too much effort has been invested from the Federalists to simply give up and they will argue too much of our tax payer money.  We have been defecated on from a great height before by the EU's cheerleaders; and it is coming again.

It was said at the 2005 election that we were not voting on Europe.  The truth is we should have and could have.  All of the parties said there would be a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty through Westminster collusion and dramatics we were denied that vote.  We gave LIB/LAB/CON our votes because they collectively promised to do what was in our best interests; and they fooled us all in spectacular fashion.  The EU costs us more than ever before and makes more of our laws than ever before.  Soon we will lose our embassy's, our currency, our national identity.  England is already broken into regions ready to be split forever. 

Now in 2010 do you really believe that your Westminster vote will have no affect on Europe as well?  That who we put in Parliament will not affect our relationship and absorption into the EU Federal Superstate?

So, it is vital that today and tomorrow we think about our role in the EU; that we look at the real economic problem ahead for the UK and how unaffordable it is going to be for us not only to prop up our own economically initiative; but those of Southern Europe also.  We don't really get too much of a say on matters as citizens here in the UK and really the best say we do get is when a General Election comes around twice a decade.  The political leaders may not be talking about what REALLY lies ahead but here on the blogosphere we have spelt out what we can see; and the MSM have made similar, but less audible grumbles.

We need a government on Friday that is going to cut the debt, and we need MP's who are prepared to put the United Kingdoms interests ahead of Party Politics and their whips.  We need democratic discourse, through debate and through the ballot box.  This might be the last chance for you to tie your vote to Lisbon and to EU membership; so please bare this in mind when considering who to vote for.  For what it is worth, once again here is the link to the Albion Alliance where you can find the list of candidates who have been willing to say up front that they will pledge to work in your interests and for a referendum on your behalf regardless of what their party leadership, the whips and the EU have to say.  There is UKIP, there are many independents who would work in your interests and really listen to what you want rather than dolling out what the EU has dictated to them needs to be done.

Don't be fooled into thinking that a vote for a smaller party or an independent is "wasted" there is no such thing as a wasted vote on a completed ballot paper.  We all must vote with our conscience, we must vote with how we feel, we must vote for the person or party who shares our ideals and when we do we have participated in democracy.  When people don't do this and are convinced to lend their vote to a big party they don't really agree with, or fail to vote at all - that is when we have been manipulated by politics

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