Wednesday, May 05, 2010


After 13 years the mood of the nation I think is clear, and I believe that tomorrow we will all have the opportunity to go cast that ballot and finally kick Labour into the long grass.  This blog came about for two reasons, firstly as my voice of opposition to the EU and secondly to voice my opposition to this Labour Government.

I have pleaded for voters to look to the Albion Alliance for a list of candidates who can be trusted to work in our best interests on the question of EU membership, but I will add a new plea today.  Please, don't vote Labour.  I will personally be voting with my conscience tomorrow; I am voting on my issues and I will not regret doing so for it will be a vote which most closely aligns to my politics and beliefs.  I am also proud that I will be upholding my own Albion Alliance Voters Pledge and voting for a candidate who has said that he will put country before party.

William Hague sent me the below email and no doubt the blogs run by Conservative voters and party members will be carrying this today. 

I say again. Don't. Vote. Labour.

I posted the below in February - there was too much to bring it up-to-date, but here was Feb's output.

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