Sunday, February 01, 2009

Government Advocates Population Controls

Just been over at The Times, when I saw this story.

Jonathon Porritt who chairs the Government's Sustainable Development Commission, and was formerly the Chairman of the Green Party has come out in favour controlling population growth in the UK through contraception and abortion. He does so because he feels that parents who have more than two children are being irresponsible by creating an unbearable burden on the environment.

A report from the commission will recommend that the Government must reduce population growth through family planning. Porritt is quoted in The Times as saying,

“I am unapologetic about asking people to connect up their own responsibility for their total environmental footprint and how they decide to procreate and how many children they think are appropriate,”

“I think we will work our way towards a position that says that having more than two children is irresponsible. It is the ghost at the table. We have all these big issues that everybody is looking at and then you don’t really hear anyone say the “p” word.”

I am not sure where these people feel they get the right to dictate such measures to anybody at all, let alone aspire to make this Government Policy the sheer temerity and inappropriateness would normally be sufficient to see a popular uprising.

However, I really hope that Gordon Brown listens to the advise of the "unapologetic" Porritt, because it is perhaps the most ludicrous advice that a Western European government is ever likely to receive. The way the Times has reported this implies that the report serves warning to the Government of the dangers of overpopulation, yet does not speak to immigration policy or the other elephant in the room, The EU which dictates the free movement of people within its own external borders.

I look forward to seeing this Government say that it wishes to join Iran and China in implementing a restriction on the number of births allowed to UK families, whilst simultaneously leaving the policies of the EU unchallenged so that families from anywhere else can move to the UK and have as many children as they like.

I wonder what feminists like Harriet Harman and Hazel Blears will make of such a policy, especially as they are Gordon Browns favourites to advocate Government policies on TV. Surely this a direct contradiction upon a persons right to choose, and any policy that advocates population control is incitement from the state upon young women to commit infanticide.

I can't wait for Government ministers to appear on TV and be asked which of their kids they would have aborted in support of their new socialist doctrine. That will really spice up Question Time. Of course, The BBC will have to carry this debate, as the report is making recommendations from Porritts commission to improve the environment.

The Optimum Population Trust, for which Porritt is a patron has however answered what must be one of humanities most pressing and searching questions. How much Carbon will the average person burn in their life time, in comparison to the number of trees required to offset that persons Carbon Footprint. They say the answer is two-and-a-half acres of Oak Trees which they compare to a size the same as Trafalgar Square.

Perhaps when the population policy is flouted by those allowed to exempt it (I am guessing, Labour Politicians, Green Party Advocates, Full Members of The Optimum Population Trust) perhaps they can be forgiven from breaking that law if they plant enough trees.

It could be the policy announcement that will forever seals in the minds of the many just how loony this Labour Party has really become.

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Blue Eyes said...

You don't mention the existing subsidies for child-bearing such as Child Benefit, maternity and paternity leave, tax credits, etc.