Friday, February 13, 2009

Recommended Reading

The Spectator has launched a wiki-investigation into the Economic downturn. They are looking for insiders and whistle blowers who might be willing to help them understand some of the things that happened. You can read, and contribute here.

Daniel Hannan tells us which country the CIA considers the greatest threat to US national security, here. (You can probably guess which.)

John M Ward has a look at the Devil in the Detail in the changes we are being asked to accept, here.

The Libertarian Party were talking Balls earlier in the week. Ed Balls, of course, and looking at his little economic revelation, here.

John Redwood takes a look at another £8.5bn that has been lost as a result of the bank bailouts, here.

A very British dude asks some questions of David Cameron’s approach to Jacqui Smiths expenses scandal, here.

Guido published the second letter from the Centre for Open Politics to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, regarding Jacqui Smiths expenses arrangements, here.

The Huntsman looks at the Geert Wilders incident, and identifies the villain of the piece, here.

Dizzy needs your help with an important scientific analysis, here.

Cato has an amusing story from his previous life as a copper, here.

Letters for a Tory writes to Alan Johnson about giving children Argos vouchers for giving up smoking, here.

The Daily Referendum has a survey result on the Euro’s popularity within the Labour Party, here.

Britain not Brussels sets out 25 reasons why Britain should leave the EU, here.

I no longer have Tractor Stats to refer to for a pictorial giggle, so instead this week check out what Rapblog thinks of LabourList, here.

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