Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unite's Leader Staying In Waldorf Despite Grace And Favour House

The Mail has the story that Derek Simpson, leader of the union Unite has been staying in a £399 per night suite at the Waldorf despite having a £800,000 grace and favour house just 35 minutes away.

The full story is here.

I wonder what Unites members will make of their money being spent in such a way?

Simpson, along with other union leaders has been very vocal about bankers large salaries and bonuses. But the Sunday Mail lists a number what they call Fat Cat Perks that Simpson enjoys from the union, including a chauffeur-driven-car.

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subrosa said...

Daniel, the Unite members appear to be so inert it makes me wonder how they even manage to struggle to work. The Unions are laughing all the way to the off-licence for their bottles of Cristal. The bosses will behave this way as long as the membership allow it.