Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Stimulus Package

The Obama stimulus package has now been signed into law.

This is the last of the Western Worlds credit being thrown at the US public sector on infrastructure works, and on tax rebates to America's poorest.

Obama's gamble, like Gordon Browns, is kind of like pumping hundreds of pounds into a fruit machine, losing, and then borrowing hundreds more from a friend to win some back. When that eventually has gone you borrow some more from the local thugs that you never really got along with; knowing full well in your heart and in your gut that the chances are very unlikely of paying the thugs back, let alone your friend. You just hope that your friend recognises that you are trying, and that they will see that as more important than actually getting their money back.

Unfortunately this stimulus package is unlikely to stimulate anything more than Mrs Obama's temperature tonight; so we might as well all start packing canned goods away as the clock is now ticking on a real financial meltdown. In ten to twelve weeks, when the "credit crunch" has not gone away and the tax payers of the US and the UK owe hundred of billions more than we did a year ago for the benefit of politicians headlines the real measures required to rescue the global economy will have to begin. This will start with, a massive rolling back of the frontiers of the state, most especially in the UK.

Hopefully, not to long afterwards we can have a General Election and boot our useless bunch out. The Americans have only just got their socialist into office, so they will be stuck with a few more years over soundbites and dodgy smiles.

We will all, of course, be much poorer for the benefit of yet again trying, and failing to impose a grand socialist government upon the UK.

Only the British would be stupid enough to bring them back into power in another 10 or 15 years.

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