Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One For The Future

Remember the name Karen Lumley. According to UK Polling Report here, Karen is running as the Conservative candidate against Jacqui Smith in Redditch.

Karen's Website is here, and if you want to email your support, you can at karen@tellkaren.com.

I now look forward to the General Election for a new reason. It will be Jacqui Smith who will give us a "Portillo moment" [to be re-dubbed a "Smith Moment."] Watching Jacqui Smith getting booted unceremoniously out of office will probably bring the biggest cheer of the night. The fact is, for all the money she has taken, and despite her contempt for the electorate and the tax payer, there is absolutely no getting out of having to stand before the returning officer and facing the person that has beat you.

I can't wait.

Smiths downfall will be the symbolic moment of the election that will haunt the Labour Party for many years to follow.

The moment that sticks in my mind from the 2005 election, and i think will stay with me forever was when George Galloway delivered his "Tony Blair.................This...Is for Iraq" Speech. I hope Karen's team have something suitable apt lined up.

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