Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recommended Reading

Daniel1979 Recommends:

I do not necessarily agree with all of these, however, I felt they are all interesting enough to recommend.

His Grace asks if Parliament is institutionally racist, here.

Brits at their Best talk about the difference between the England and Europe here. They also publish some frank correspondence between the Queen and the Head of Constitutional policy, here.

American Rachel Lucas is adjusting to life in England, and talks about Amnesty Internationals Clipboard brigade, here.

LFAT writes to Alan Campbell of the Home Office about the need for state intervention in removing Child Porn sites from the Internet, here.

The Independent asked how peoples opinions have changed of Mrs Thatcher since she was PM, here.

Iain Dale asked where you were when you heard Mrs Thatcher had resigned, here.

Iain was told off by DK, here. But acknowledged DK's post here.

Cato reveals he watches University Challenge, here.

Roger Helmer tells us why Vaclav Klaus is magnificent, here.

ChelseaSW3 Girl ridicules Jack Straw after his email was hacked, here.

Behind Blue Eyes says that Alistair Darling should be fired, here.

Ted Foan asks if we are seeing the end of The White Van Man, here.

Chris Doidge asks if Jack Bauer is now a shadow of his former self, here.

And for something a with less reading, Daily Referendum has a video which visualised the credit crisis, here.

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