Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recommended Reading

Daniel1979 Recommends:

The Mail has another expenses story, this time it is none other than Gordon Brown who is facing a ticking off, here.

Raedwald talks about disparages in our electoral representation, here.

Dizzy has a pie chart, here.

Prodicus makes a compelling argument that the English Language is being hijacked, here.

Steve over at Daily Referendum has put up some videos about how banks make money, here.

John M Ward talks about how national debt is 300% of GDP, here.

Bruno Waterfield asks if the writing is on the wall for the EU? Here.

Frank Field says that Labours New Deal isn't working, here.

Tim Carpenter at LPUK blog offer an explanation of quantitative easing, here.

Brits at their Best look at The EU and the Gibbon's Roman Empire, here.

David Vance talks about the Spanish Annoyance over Princess Anne's visit to The Rock, here.

And for something a little lighter, Lord Elvis posted something especially interesting to SciFi Fans, here.

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