Saturday, February 07, 2009

RBS To Pay £1bn In Bonuses

In a quite frankly shocking article, the Daily Telegraph has the story that RBS is set to pay out £1bn in bonuses to staff, just months after taking £20bn of tax payer cash to stay afloat.

This number may be a reduction in previous bonuses, but this will provoke outrage as loss making bankers are receiving bonuses from tax payers despite their banks bringing the nation to it's knees in debt. I add my voice to those who are outraged.

The government absolutely should have passed legislation to ensure that tax payers funds would be protected and not be used to pay bonuses to staff of failing banks; and that those banks would be immune from prosecution from employees, because of the exceptional nature surrounding the banks nationalisation. Can it not be enough that RBS employees still have jobs thanks to tax payer funds? Why is the government allowing this to happen?

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Chelsea SW3 Girl said...

The irony is - having spoken to friends who work in banking and are looking at a 0 bonus pot this year - they are all in agreement.
RBS is THE place to be!


ChelseaSW3Girl x