Thursday, February 19, 2009

Klaus Video, The Jeers, The Walk Out

Here is the video from the EU Parliament today. It is in Czech language, but hopefully there will be an English Language version available soon.

The key bits:
4:40 - Some boo's
5:18 - MEP's jeer President Klaus
5:50 - Lots of Jeering
6:57 - Some claps, some jeers
7:37 - more Jeers, camera reveals empty seats
7:51 - MEPs visually walking out en masse

This second video shows something else that was revealed today. Independent think tanks have been advising on how much of our laws are actually passed down from the EU. These numbers are usually in the region of 60-90% depending on the study. This, of course is always hotly denied, The Major government made denials, both Blair & Brown have rubbished reports too. Labour MEPs claim it is around 10%.

This video, in an uncharacteristic slip from Hans-Gert Potterings reveals that the EU Parliament puts the number at 75%.

So, today we have again seen that the EU not only has contempt for you and me, they have contempt for anybody daring to voice an opinion in favour of democratic principles such as the need for government to have an opposition. President Klaus and many in the Czech Republic lived many years under the yolk of communist rule. People who have lived in oppression value their freedoms, they bear the scars of totalitarianism in their hearts. It seems they are more willing to speak out as well.

Such a speech should serve as a reminder to those who have power of the costs and responsibilities that that power yields, especially when misused.

The EU though is set up, as Peter Mandleson would describe in the post-democratic form. Power and decision making is not truly linked to the will of the people. Power emanates from the centre. There is no effective checks & balances. There is no opposition voice, dissenting opinions are not allowed.

This is not Democracy!

If 75% of our laws, and all of our courts rulings are subject to their decisions, Britain can no longer describe itself as a democratic nation.

Don't bother writing to your MP, there isn't a damn thing they can do about it.

Update: 22:14. Full English Text of President Klaus's speech, here. Hat Tip, Bloggers for UKIP

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