Saturday, February 07, 2009

Recommended Reading

Newmania talks about the BNP and BJ4BW here.

Frasier Nelson says we should not ignore poverty in our own country, here.

ConHome has a poll that shows the Lib Dems are eating into Labours share of the vote after yet another bad week for Gordon Brown, here.

After the controversy about Atheist bus signs, this has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere where you can make your own sign.

Iain Dale has been banned by “Beta” blog, LabourList. Iain tells the story here. Draper has been tagging Iain’s followers on Twitter (including yours truly, he has subsequently been blocked). Read about ‘Twittergate’ here.

Steve Green can only think of one word to describe Speaker Michael Martin, revealed here.

Iain Martin says that if Clarkson has to apologise for his remarks over Gordon Brown, then Margaret Thatcher is owed an apology from the BBC, here.

Letters from a Tory published a personal manifesto here and invites feedback here.
Guido points out to the Guardian, that they should practice what they preach on Tax, and Tax Aversion, here.

Daniel Hannan addresses the EPP concern regarding whether the Conservative Party will be staying or leaving the group, here.

Brits at their Best publishes a revealing letter from Elisabeth Beckett to the Queen about her contract with the people, here. (I am looking forward to any follow up on this post, on Brits at their Best). They also had a nice piece on the HMS Victory, here.

And of course, you are always guaranteed laugh over at Tractor Stats

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