Friday, February 06, 2009

92% Of People Polled On this Blog Think Gordon Brown Should Step Down

My first poll has closed. Thanks to everbody who took part.

92% of people who took part, (35 of 38 People) resposnded yes when asked "Should Jack Straw Ask Brown To Stand Down As Leader, And Call An Immediate General Election For The Benefit Of The UK?"

There may be a centre-right bias on the blogosphere, and perhaps even more so here... but 92% is a compellingly high percentage. The poll was opened on 21st January and closed this morning.


Tory Poppins said...

I love no nonsense stuff like this. As I just Twittered - the majority of the country want the idiot to do the right thing and let us exercise our democratic right to an elected leader. I suspect we'll have to endure yet another harrowing winter of discontent before that happens however.
He's power-mad and gutless . . . never a good combination! Tp

Daniel1979 said...

I agree TP. We won't get an election for a virtuous reason, such as “so the PM can be elected to that position by the people.” We will not find economic salvation whilst the economy is being steered by this man and his party. Labour knows the writing is on the wall, they want to force a hundred more laws, and a few more nationalisations first; so as to tie the hands of the Conservatives as much as possible. I would not be surprised if the energy companies are next.

However, if there isn’t an election in May, then in my mind people will be so fed up by the time Labour eventually get kicked out, it is almost certain the Tories will get a minimum of two terms. It might take that long to get the economy going again.