Thursday, February 19, 2009

Debate In Europe

I have just seen this over on the DT from Bruno Waterfield.

Today President Vaclav Klaus has given a speech to the EU Parliament. In his speech he has asked for debate on the idea of European Integration. Seeing as he is the President of the Czech Republic, whose nation holds the rotating EU Presidency this sounds like a normal, right thinking kind of speech.

Nope, the EU Parliament decided, in the collective and infinite wisdom to Boo the Czech President. That's right, jeered him.

Bruno quotes Avril Doyle MEP as stating that debate "is a recipe for chaos".

This is not exactly the first time President Klaus has received a less than warm welcome from the EU Parliament.

We have seemingly passed the point now where MEPs are even worried about masking how undemocratic the whole EU project is. How can such actions be defended?

We have elections coming up for MEP's this year and there are a lot of people who will still vote for MEPs that want more of the EU. Excluding Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer I am struggling to think of any British MEPs that are against more integration into the EU. If the Conservatives are not out the the EPP-ED by the time of the Euro Elections they will not get any of my STV votes, UKIP will.

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