Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Hypothetical Histroy

If, 15 years ago, the effective number 2 to John Major had of been a member of the unaccountable House of Lords, and had of come out and spoken, in a foreign land, about the UK economy being in a little more trouble than the Prime Minister was willing to admit, this would be a BIG story.

If, 15 years ago, a balloted deputy Prime Minister, to an un-balloted Prime Minister was suggesting a different role could be found for the besieged PM, this would be a BIG story.

If, 15 years ago, the Suns political editor had of questioned why the Prime Minister had not resigned already, this would be a BIG story.

If, 15 years ago the Home Secretary and the Chancellor of the Exchequer were proven to have been claiming second house allowances on their ONLY houses, this would have been a BIG story.

So, a message from me to the supposed "respected" press outlets.

Perhaps you can spare us your alleged indignation when the people of this country do finally eject Mr Brown and his idiot associates from office. We will all be holding this countries "impartial media" [sic] in equal contempt for going easy on the worst government this country has ever seen.

Remember that the next time you are reporting on the blogosphere.

The reason there are so many people blogging these days is not solely down to stupid politicians being idiots; it is as much to do with formerly respected media outlets selling out.

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"Let's move on......"