Thursday, February 12, 2009

Internet Censorship

Is the blogosphere being Censored?

In recent days a number of blogs have been "taken down". So far, I can see that Tractor Stats and Electro Kevin have disappeared. Thanks to the comment thread on the post by Obnoxio I have learned a few things about what has been potentially going on.

This article shed some light on who may be behind this.

If we are not free as bloggers to express our opinions and art on the Internet then there is (yet, another) severe problem with our "democracy" in the UK.

In these two examples it isn't blog posts that went missing, it was the entire blog. There are other blogs and other platforms, just because expression is not free, it does not mean it will not be seen and heard.

Freedom of Speech is protected in the Magna Carta and by the UN under article 19 of the international covenant on civil and political rights. I can not know what the stated reason is for these blogs having been taken down, but the reason had better be good or TS and Kevin will have grounds for a counter action. They may also, if they haven't already wish to read this.

For Tractor Stats fans, his work is also showcased here.

Tractor Stats & Electro Kevin will hopefully be back on new platforms. Guys, email me when you are and you will have a link from this blog.


Blue Eyes said...

Electro Kevin has not been "censored". Put your tin foil hat away.

Daniel1979 said...

Blue Eyes.

Has he moved? His link is not working.


Blue Eyes said...

He has taken his blog down. Simple as that. It does happen you know!

Daniel1979 said...

Hmmm.. I think I will leave the tin foil hat on for now. It is not just his blog that has dissappeared.

He was listed as a follower on a number of blogs that I also follow, as was TS, and they no longer are. I could understand someone taking down their own blog, but I don't understand why he would also take down his whole blogger profile.

Point taken though... no proof either way, just yet.

Blue Eyes said...

You are right, it must be the government at work.

Cato said...

And now 10 Drowning St has been removed...Lord Elvis of Paisley.

WTF is going on?

Stu said...

Probably an exceptionally boring reason for it - or possibly Google going after ToS violators (Guido is moving off Blogspot, you know)

I thought it was odd that Crushed By Ingsoc had simply disappeared.

John M Ward said...

A reliable source informs me that Lord Elvis took his site down for his own (personal?) reasons, so there is no conspiracy there.

I'd still like to know what happened to "Tractor Stats" and why, though. That's something of a mystery…