Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poll Closed

Last week I asked, "How Has Your Personal Opinion Of Carol Thatcher Changed This Week, If At All?"

I like Her More - 14 (40%)
No Change, I Always Liked her - 16 (45%)
No Change, I never Liked Her - 3 (8%)
I Like Her Less - 2 (5%)

So only 2 people from a total 35 say that they like Carol Thatcher less than they did before, and only 5 People (13%) registered a negative vote.

A little surprising perhaps given the depth of opinions, but none the less an open poll.

I will leave the results up for another day or so. Don't forget to vote on the new poll on Jacqui Smith. Currently 100% of people feel she has abused the expenses system, thus far.

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