Wednesday, February 18, 2009

97.5% Of People Polled Think Jacqui Smith Has Abused The Expenses System

Another one of my polls has closed. This time I had asked "In your personal opinion, has Jacqui Smith abused the MPs expenses system?

You replied:

Yes - 97.5% (40)
No - 2.5% (1)
Not sure - 0% (0)

Interesting, and frankly unsurprising data. All but one person who took part thinks that Jacqui Smith has abused the system, and despite assurances that the rules have not been broken nobody felt they we're unsure when they voted.

Recent testimony from neighbours might force an investigation to take place.

I wrote previously that the Home Secretary has shown utter contempt for tax payers through her behaviour, it looks like that contempt has been mirrored back on her.

I will leave the poll up for another day or so.

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