Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog Changes

I have decided to change the layout of the blog, so I thought I would open it up to my readers.

I no longer like the format I have, and having scouted around my contemporaries sites, I am a little jealous.

So, I will be looking into the technicalities on Saturday, though it would appear to be as easy as clicking on the new format and save. So, these are the formats that I have short listed. Which do you like or dislike? Has anyone come across anything that makes any of them good or not so good? Any advice?

Feel free to let me know.

Option 1: Tekka

Option 2: ThisAway Blue

Option 3: Sand Dollar
Option 4: Rounders4
Option 5: Minima


Cato said...

Rounders4 and Minima are good.

You can change lots of bit and pieces when you do decide by going to layout.

It is as simple to change formats as you think. One click...or two...and it's done.

Have fun.

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Cato.

What do you think about going to 3 columns?.. I managed it here, but I am not it suits all formats (including my current)

Ted Foan said...

I like Options I and 2 but the three column format is good too.

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Ted

marksany said...

Make sure you pick a format that fills the width of the browser. A lot of the blogger templates are fixed width, sized for small screens. I'd also suggest you stay away from light text on dark background as it is harder to read.
My vote would be Minima, but don't take any notice of me! 3 columns is good - surely everyone has a wide enough screen now?

I use my blog for the blogroll and to dump links I use as bookmarks wherever I am, and to rant on. Make it how you like it, express yourself.

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Mark... I might put a few up as a test before I settle. What I don't like now is how narrow the current format is.

The 3 columns works on the other... not sure that is exactly right for here; but will have a play around. (I am fearful of having to do too much in the HTML codes as I am a complete novice)

Cato said...

You don't have to do very much in the way of HTML. Except to add pictures and things as I've done. As in No2ID, Help for Heroes etc. But, it's very easy and I'm as complete a novice at it as you.

Daniel1979 said...

Just FYI, in case anyone looks back for reference, the Google Analytics code does not seem to track across when you change templates. I have re-installed, but lost 7 or so hours of data.

robertr123 said...

Thickaway Blue!