Monday, February 23, 2009

New Poll - What Is The Best Political T.V. Programme

Thought it was maybe time for a less serious poll on the blog, so let me know which you rate as the Best Political (fictional) T.V. Programme.

If you want to elaborate on your choice, or tell me why I should have included a different programme feel free to do so in the comments field.


All Seeing Eye said...

How could you not have included The New Statesman?

If I did a similar poll but offered, say 10 choices, I'd slip The Prisoner in there as an interesting answer too - but TNS would have been a good 4th option.

Daniel1979 said...

Good point. Slap my wrist.

I was originally going to make it just a two horse race between WW and Yes Minister... I might rue not leaving it as such.

Chelsea SW3 Girl said...

Yes; definitely think you should have included The New Statesman.