Sunday, March 01, 2009

Brown vs Harman

The political story of the week could be from another little nugget carried in the Mail on Sunday, here.

The MoS say that Brown has threatened to sack Harriet Harman over claims that she is plotting to succeed him as Labour Leader. The Spectator has also picked up on their report, here.

This could be the leadership battle that David Miliband did not have the stomach for, as Harman seemingly has the will and ambition to front the Labour Party. The reporting of this may now back Gordon into a corner. He had been planning a mini reshuffle after the EU elections, but if he acts now it will be a sign he considers Harman a threat. If he does not, the rumours may gain ground, and a bad result in the local and EU elections could prompt calls for Brown to go and an early election.

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