Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Government Debt

Just an observation really, but chatter around work has increased on public debt and a recent dispatches programme (which I did not see) seems to have added to some public unease. Me plus a few others will occasionally have a bit of a moan on political matters, but try not to drown out the whole office in the process.

Whereas such conversations would have caused the eye's to roll in eavesdroppers not long ago, today I have heard one such conversation from afar and been roped into another.

This is a little unusual for some of the people concerned, and I can only assume that messages of the true extent of public debt and the extent in which this affects our lives is starting to sink home; possibly as people are having to look at their own finances in greater detail than ever and considering what value the government is delivering on tax revenues.

I do tend to be a little cynical sometimes, and I have struggled to understand how the masses have been so apathetic over certain issues, but I think the economic arguments are filtering down and a large number of people are taking a political interest in how and where tax payer money is being spent.

Like I say, just an observation.

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Blue Eyes said...

I think your observation is spot on. My flatmate who is absolutely anti being interested in "politics" has suddenly taken a much bigger interest in the whole thing. I think he used to think que sera sera but now realises that things have been handled very badly indeed. I think there is widespread awakening going on.