Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adam Boulton Blog Has Daniel Hannan Clip

Daniel Hannan's video made Adam Boultons blog this morning, here.

As there is a web-round up on their evening Sky News.Com programme, can I encourage everyone to click on the link to Sky as as to drive up the hits on Sky's site, that way perhaps Daniels Speech can will get a mention on the tea-time telly tonight. Perhaps if enough people do, they will show the whole speech.


Daniel1979 said...

Update: Guido says drudge report has Hannan on front page

scunnert said...

One wonders why he went there - why would Brown want to address this toothless body. He would have known he would be attacked and ridiculed. And yet he went.

His reaction to the attacks was instructive - he guffawed like a school bully at the protests of his latest victims. No shame - no contrition - just amusement.