Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Google On Twitter: "You Suck"

Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google today told an assembly at Morgan Stanley that "Twitter is a poor man's email." I think this is unfair and a pretty unimaginative put down.

However, there does seem to be two separate schools of thought on Twitter, those who see the value and those who do not. A lot of Bloggers like Twitter as it par for the course and also because it is a good way to let people know of updates. I had 32 visits via Twitter in February, my seventh biggest referral site, so as a newbie and relatively small Blogger I can appreciate and measure it's value.

However, it just will never be that big a deal to people who don't to be kept that up-to-date. And those people will just be fed up hearing about it. Because of it's name it does not require too many braincells to quickly put it, and its users down.

My gut says that Twitter has not peaked yet, but probably will later in 2009 or early in 2010 when the phrase "it's this years Facebook" will probably start to drive us nuts. There could be more that could be gotten out of Twitter, as written about here. As and when we have Twitter firsts, such as first Twitter marriage proposals and people being fired by Twitter it will make the news more and more.

Of course, a few years from now, Twitter will be as popular and talked about as, well, Friends Reunited, or Netscape and we can all pretend that it was a fad that passed us by and we had not interest in. In the meantime though, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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