Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BBC Complaint Email

The longer you go before you show Daniel Hannans video on your main TV news shows the worse you already sullied reputation evolves. The continued absence of Conservative viewpoints from your channel tarnishes a once proud broadcasting record. You have destroyed the service with your ignorance and contempt for free speech and the people you are supposed to serve.

The BBC made a conscious decision to ignore what has become a worldwide phenomenon; you are funded by enforced taxation and work for us. Your fear of a Conservative future has been exposed. You do not and have never represented my point of view, so stop pretending that you are somehow impartial or responsible broadcasters.

You are stood in the middle of a the proverbially crowded room with your trousers around you ankles, fingers in your ears shouting "LA LA LA LA we can't hear you"

Another nail in the corporation’s coffin.

The BBC is supposed to not only be funded for the purpose of providing an excellent broadcasting service, it is supposed to represent all political views in this country in its news and political outputs. Click here and register your complaint.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The bbc do not like your article or your short cut.
I got to lodge a complaint on the first page and then an error message came up.
They have obviously closed some link.