Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hero's Welcomed

It is a story I didn't expect to see, but I am very happy to have. The Telegraph has it here, British subjects, turned out in their hundreds turned out to welcome home members of the Duke of Lancasters' Regiment in Bolton.

Thank goodness. We in Britain seem to have long ago forgotten the value and sacrifice the brave people in our armed services have made, I am very happy to see the news of a welcome home parade. I would go further, I think that all soldiers returning home from active duty should be afforded the same.

Our soldiers are Labours forgotten civil servants. They were not however forgotten by the thousands of people who have and had their loved ones serving abroad.

Welcome home.


subrosa said...

I don't agree with you Daniel. These parades are not necessary. What do they do? They don't do anything for the military that's for sure, they'd much rather be with their friends and family.

They're an American import that just doesn't 'sit' well in the UK.

scunnert said...

How about annual parades on May Day just like the Soviets used to have ( and the North Koreans still have )?

You know - trucks carrying ICBMS, a gazillion tanks, followed by the canon fodder ... I mean squaddies. The Dear Leader on the podium gazing down benevolently on the weapons of mass destruction.

The whole affair would be broadcast (with Rule Britannia playing in the background) into the living rooms of the "nation" courtesy of the BBC.

Would your heart not swell with pride?

Marukatsu said...

I agree that soldiers are blue color workers as same as I am.So, um, difficult question... I think the parades is OK. I,blue color worker,like welcome parades.
Oh, of course, this is your country question. I just think 'If I am English soldier...'

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Daniel, or disagree more with 'subrosa'. My son is in the Army and his (and from what I gather his mates) morale is certainly raised by the obvious support now given to the men.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I expect that public support in Derby and Bolton was boosted by the disgracful events in Luton.
An own goal by the Jihadists.

Daniel1979 said...

Subrosa - I agree, they are not necessary. But I, and it is just my opinion think they are a nice way to say thank you to the troops. And of course you are right that perhaps not at the ship or plane side, I would imagine many would prefer to spend the time with friend and family.

Scunnert - I was not advocating supposed shows of military strength, but a token of appreciation, to the troops themselves.

My heart does swell with pride when I meet young service men and women who are prepared to put their lives on the line. They do not make the decisions and strategies, politicians and top-brass do... they just commit their time in the forces to training to be better at what they do and then putting their bodies in the way of people who wish to do me, or civillians our armed forced are charged with protecting.

Anon - Thank you for your comment, I am glad you Sons spirits have been raised.

IEBOC - Agreed. I am not for forcing troops into a parade, but would like to know that the option can be retained should they wish.

I had hoped that the wider issue would have prevailed in the MSM debates on this matter, alas not.

All - thanks for the comments, apologies for my delay in responding, Sunday was too nice not to go outside and sit on the grass.