Saturday, March 07, 2009

Recommended Reading

Daniel1979 Recommends from this past week:

Please note that I do not necessarily agree with the points being raised in these, however, I felt they are all interesting enough to recommend.

Subrosa asks if Scotland is Racist, here.

The Times was good enough to publish an article entitled "what turns women on" here.

John M Ward rallies against clause 152, here.

SNP Tactical Voting talked about the vote in the Scottish Parliament against having an Independence Referendum, here.

The Ranting Penguin revealed a shocking statistic, here.

Raedwald talks about the return of Judicial Murder in Europe by the EU, here.

Bloggers 4 UKIP look at the EU's role in the downturn of fortunes for the Royal Mail, here.

Bill Cash concludes it may be inevitable that the UK leaves the EU, here.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was Free At Last, here. Seems Rachel Lucas missed that post, judging by this.

Advanced Media Watch highlights how the SNP is delivering for Scotland and contrasts against Labours failures in the UK, here.

Pete on Tangled Web dissected Gordon Browns speech to Congress, here.

Tom Harris MP sparked some controversy with his call for a return to morality, here.

And for a little less reading, a video (and not because my Wife found it... honest) this guy takes a test which confirms he is not an alcoholic, but what about you? here.


subrosa said...

I missed that Times article Daniel, thanks for it. Shouldn't they do a balancing article on what turns men on - especially the over 55 lot who just think golf?

Appreciate the mention btw.

Cato said...

Oh no we don't..well I don't. I think rugby and