Sunday, March 01, 2009

February Stats

As promised, here are my Stats for February.

As I had hoped February traffic was up on January as people are still discovering my blog, and as more people are returning and providing links to here.

In February I have had 1,472 visits which is an 82% increase. Of these 876 were absolutely unique visitors, up 96%. Page views were 2,512 which is an increase of 83%.

I need to make a small caveat as yesterday when I changed template at around 11am, the Google Analytics code was not carried over. Despite my thinking I had re-installed it at around 7pm last night, this was not successful but has been re-re-installed at 11.30am today. No traffic was recorded during this time, and those numbers are lost forever.

I have had a fantastic increase in referring sites and would like to say thank you to all of you that do refer to my blog and/or provide back links.

Here is my top ten for February:

1. (New) Daily Referendum 109 visits

2. (New) Cato's About 65 visits

3. (New) Behind Blue Eyes 48 visits

4. (-3) SNP Tactical Voting 41 visits

5. (+2) Letters from a Tory 39 visits

6. (New) John M Ward 33 visits

7. (New) Twitter 32 visits

8. (New) Digg 26 visits

9. (-3) Iain Dale's Diary 25 visits

10. (-2) Unenlightened Commentary 22 visits

I got 139 visits from Google Searches. Here are some of the search terms that I was a little surprised that led to here.


pic of egon quigg and jls x factor

seven jewish children royal court

boris johnson extend bakerloo to lewisham feb 2009

christopher - what'cha gonna do

hugo rifkind

lembit opik

Thanks to everyone who has visited, and who provided links. In February a number of new sites have started to refer to me, and I expect my Top Ten to change again by the end of March.

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