Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jury Team

I have just discovered that Sir Paul Judge has started a new kind of political party, called Jury Team. The notion is that Jury Team will be a non-party party. So providing that you are willing to stand in an open primary which will be voted upon electronically and support the platform of good governance then you can stand as a Jury Team candidate. They will start the search for candidates for the EU elections on 16th March.

I certainly recommend their website as a good read, and I hope that Jury Team finds a home in British politics. I of course think their principle of whipless independents is good, I even wrote in support of a similar principle on only my second blog post.

I suspect if they get sufficient publicity, the people of Britain will welcome their ideas. I have signed up for the newsletter already so I will be commenting on points of interest here.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

It's more of an intriguing idea than an interesting one. I visited the website but frankly cannot tell what it is about. As I said elsewhere, Disgruntlement does not a party make. Have you discovered a coherent message that can win votes?

Greg L-W. said...


I'm enjoying your blog Daniel.

As for The Jury Team:

If they espouse the fundamental human right of 'Self Determination' that alone will be an improvement.

If they espouse leaving the EU and instead of that obscene centralisation of power KONTROL and undemocratic corruption that will make it worthwhile - people are best served by small Government acting as servants of the people NOT Centralised Rule.

Good luck to them they can only improve what we have currently as what we have now is clearly broken.

See also:

Good luck,
Greg L-W.

EAW said...

In response to Wrinkled Weasel's comment on the Jury Team site,

"Have you discovered a coherent message that can win votes?"

Now would probably be a fair time to determine this as the primary has been open for over a week and there are a number of candidates running in most regions.

Feel free to start with my own profile!