Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letter To A Tory - Update 1

Just a quick update on my previous post, Letter to a Tory (seen here). I did, as mentioned in the comments of the original email a copy to David Cameron to see if he would like to reply; I have not heard back yet. I would think given what has been on Mr Cameron's plate of late it is not unreasonable that I wait until next week before expecting a reply. If and when I do, I will share.

However, I have just seen Daniel Hannan post, seems the Conservatives in the EU Parliament have served notice and are leaving the EPP in June. This was confirmed in a meeting between William Hague and Joseph Daul today (EPP Leader). Daniel's post can be read, here.


subrosa said...

What's the EPP? So many E- things going around these days and even the Telegraph refers to it only as the EPP. We're not all EU readers so please clarify.

it's either banned or compulsory said...


"The European Peoples Party (EPP) is a union of Centrist and Christian Democratic parties founded in 1976 to promote European integration. Its Basic Charter commits it to compete for the realisation of a United States of Europe. Its current manifesto advocates:

· A European police force and army

· Single EU seats on the UN, the IMF and the WTO

· A European president and foreign minister

· The abolition of the national veto

· A pan-European income tax, to be levied by the European Parliament

Hope that helps.

Man in a Shed said...

Its good news. Its also good timing as the European project is just about to get very unpopular on the continent also.

We could be in the driving seat for once, with other parties moving to join us.