Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just wanted to say that I have seen my new Wikio rating, and I have moved from 305 to 137 in March. Not bad for a blog that is not even 3 months old.

Thanks to everyone for reading and for linking; this is much higher than I had envisioned. I had had just to break into the 200-300 range.

I am not feeling well today, but that has put a smile on my face.


subrosa said...

Congratulations Daniel. I've registered with Wikio but somehow I think I've done something wrong because I'm 1866 lol. Not being a techy possibly is the problem and perhaps putting the wrong RSS in or something.

Hope you feel better.

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Subrosa,

I just had a look, you are at 253 on the Politics Listings and 1866 overall (includes Sports, Technology, Gastronomy & Politics listings combined)

I had only been looking at mine in the politics listings (137) but overall I am 345.

John M Ward said...

Well done! Very good; and not so easily achieved these days, owing to the sheer number of UK political 'blogs that now exist.

subrosa said...

Daniel, can you help me with this wikio thing. What do I put for the feed url?

I notice you posted your stats for February the other day. I had just short of 4000 unique visitors in February, 3969 to be exact when you had 876 I think, 5230 page views and 2841 first time visitors plus 1128 returners. So I must have done something wrong when registering.

Would be grateful for any help.

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Subrosa,

Email me tomorrow, I will try to help.

Wikio does not work the same as google analytics. It does not measure page views and visitors but measures links on the internet between sites and "weights" them based on previous Wikio standings.

So if Iain Dale or Guido post a link to you in an article you get loads of points, if I do you get much less. It is all way too complicated for me to understand but is all computer counting and alogrythms. It does not measure links on blogrolls.

I was lucky in Feb to get some good referals from some much higher ranked sites, and if that does not happen in March I will drop down the scale again.

Dan said...

Hi Subrosa, if you want to e-mail your correct RSS feed and URL I can check that you're indexed properly.


Wikio UK

ps congrats by the way, Daniel.

Dan said...

oh and my email is

subrosa said...

Thanks for your help - both Dans. Mucho appreciado as they say in Dundee.