Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Czech Prime Minister Toppled

Big news out of the Czech Republic today, the Czech Prime Minister Mirek Toplanek who was fronting a coalition government has lost a vote of confidence from the lower house today, effectively ending both his reign as PM and that of holder of the EU presidency. The story is here. It is the first time the rotating President has been toppled midway through their term.

The EU presidency sits with the Czech Nation so that executive function may be assumed by Euro-Sceptic President Vaclav Klaus, who I have written about, here and here, written to him here.

President Klaus is an outspoken critic of Global Warming Theories, Communism and the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty. The Czech Republic (with others) has not yet ratified the Treaty, and it is unlikely that the Czech Republic will during their time with the EU Presidency.

One could only speculate what effect this will have in the long term, but it will have pro-EU forces in Brussels fuming.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

A welcome delay, perhaps time enough for Dave to assume power here in UK and then ?

scunnert said...

Welcome news.