Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recommended Reading

Here is my latest recommended reading list.

Please note, I do not necessarily agree with these posts and articles, however I found them sufficiently interesting to warrant a recommendation:

If you have just come down from a mountain or woken up from last weekends drinking binge, you may not know that the entire free world is watching a video of Daniel Hannan tell Gordon Brown off in the EU Parliament yesterday. I link again to Daniel's blog, where there is much admiration and some adoration being dispensed in the comments. See here.

Frasier Nelson says Gordon Brown is struggling to find buyers for The UK's debts, here.

Dizzy says we cannot be in the EU because we Brits understand the value of queueing, here.

Subrosa publishes a German's view of Islam, here.

And finally... and to be honest I am not sure if the refering Russian Language source is serious or not (?) But, Advanced Media Watch claims that the Russians have used Google Maps to find a Yeti, with picture, here.

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