Wednesday, March 18, 2009

David Cameron Meets With Tory MP's

The basis for what I am about to write is from this, by Frasier Nelson on the Spectator, where he has put up details sent to him of a meeting between David Cameron and Tory MP's held in the Boothroyd Room.

The purpose of the meeting was to address MP's concerns on whether his recent apology was the signal for a change of direction and strategy. During this meeting internal polling was used to show that the Tories are being seen as still being vulnerable on the NHS, and need to take steps to not be seen as anti-NHS.

However, apparently Europe is bottom of priorities. Really?

OK, OK, as I am not a Conservative Party Member, and I can't lobby the party internally. But bottom of Priorities?

How will the Conservative speak about issues of National Security in the upcoming campaign without addressing cross EU commanded deployments of armed forces? How about the "Buy European" procurement policy which is looking increasingly likely to be denying vital equipment to our already stretched armed forces in the coming years?

How can they pledge to fix the economy with Gordon Brown looking for Geo-Political, or an EU QUANGO to regulate the economy for them?

How will the Conservatives not talk about Europe when the EU, without legal competencies is inserting their version of European History into our schools text books, and has a massive Education budget?

How will the Conservatives campaign for smaller and more accountable government when the EU controls so much and is growing further still? How can they campaign on for a reduced tax bill when the EU costs us so much, and will cost us more in the future? The EU controls to varying extents some of our tax rates already. How can the Conservatives reform local government, when local government is fixated on fulfilling EU regulations?

How can the Conservatives talk about immigration when they will not control the legislation, the policy or the borders?

How can the Conservatives talk about trade when trade deals are made for us by the EU?

The Conservatives it seems will fight the next election campaign on building an image that shows them as not as nasty or as incompetent as the current government. They are just going to do their best not to annoy or offend people.

On this strategy; If David Cameron becomes Prime Minister, how can we be sure that he is truly representing our best interests; especially if he is too afraid to pick a fight with the people he disagrees with? The Labour Party has decimated things in The UK that people knew and loved, and there is a large chunk of people that still do not have representatives willing to fight for them and their values.

To quote Ron Silverman (badly) Conservatives seem willing to cower more and more into the corner saying "please, don't hurt me."

We practically have a Vichy government now, and the EU's influence and control is ever increasing, as are it's costs. What is shrinking is our level of accountability, whoch was exceptionally poor already. I want to see a centre-right party in this country who is made up of people willing to speak out against what they do not believe in, and for the things they do believe in. And readers of this blog, and many other blogs seem to agree with me. So I wonder who the Conservatives are polling and what they are asking, because this sounds to me like a dodgy statistic.

If the Conservatives want to win the next election, there are millions of votes out there for the candidate or party that is prepared to stand between big government and the people and take an individuals side. We need Leadership and Guardians. We need freedoms enshrined, not loaned.

Brown and New-Labour represent placemen and outdated ideology. Step forward the people who want vision, and thought-provoking devotion to democracy and civil representation. We are sick of the QUANGOs and so called experts messing things up and then swanning off into the sunset with a big fat pay off. I want a Conservative MP to fail in the first two years of Government and to be sacked without pay off and held to account; and then have a Conservative PM to say, "that's what is supposed to happen when people get things wrong."

Anyway, I have said before, and will say again, at best the Conservatives will get a loaned vote from me, but I will look at who is running at the time and vote with the person who most closely represents my values and aspirations. It still seems unlikely that it will be a Conservative candidate.


All Seeing Eye said...

What's a "Boothroyd Room"? A small cupboard?

Daniel1979 said...

It has been a few weeks now, I guess I am just not important enough to warrant a reply.