Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Political Betting

May take some time to get a return here, but Ladbrokes are still offering 100/1 for Daniel Hannan to be the next Conservative Leader. I have just put my cash on Daniel Being the next leader.

Daniel is safe in his EU seat and will be returned this spring for another 5 year stint to the EU Parliament, David Cameron looks certain to win an election next year.

I suspect that if things go well Cameron will call his first General Election after four years which will co-incide with the end of Daniel's next term, meaning that he may at that time look to run in Westminster.

Think I am crazy? Ladbrokes are also offering 100/1 for Ken Clarke, John Redwood, Dominic Grieve, Damian Green and Francis Maude. See here.


North Northwester said...

"Daniel Hannan to be the next Conservative Leader."

Please, oh, please!

All Seeing Eye said...

Oh if only, but it'll never happen. They've cut DH's price from an initial 200-1 which would have been more realistic considering that he'd never be parachuted in to a safe Westminster seat by the leader who thought that he was a challenger.

DC has banned people with sensible views on the EU from the frontbench anyway, so hard to build a base for the leadership.

The other options are all no value either: Ken Clarke (will be 1327 at the next vacancy), John Redwood (excellent brain but not media-friendly), Dominic Grieve (BBC will paint him as a toff but is lefty so they many give him a pass), Damian Green (no grassroots appeal) and Francis Maude (grassroots hatred from some corners).

The next leader will probably come from this upcoming intake IMHO.

Sorry for the length of the post.