Sunday, March 29, 2009


In response to this story in the Mail on Sunday, I would like to add my voice to those demanding that Jacqui Smith be sacked. Not allowed to resign, sacked.

The payment of expenses for her husband Richard Timney to be her Commons Assistant needs to be investigated, starting with checking how many times he has been to the Commons in the capacity of that role, and ending with deciphering who is actually submitting Jacqui Smith expenses and by what criteria items were and were not submitted. Any improper payments should be immediately paid back.

A successor Home Secretary will be able to immediately move into the vacant grace and favour home already being subsidised by the tax payer, which has been left empty while the Home Secretary lodges with her sister.

David Cameron would, in my opinion be well advised to conscript a liked backbencher to draw up proposals to be implemented with immediate effect of a Conservative government coming to power, those guidelines should be published immediately. David Davis, Doug Carswell, Bill Cash are all good names for such a task.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Right, that's it. Daily Mail from now on, they have repeatedly been in front of the other papers in exposing sleaze and corruption and are probably the only ones making any real effort. Well done that newspaper.

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"Oh dear, I just read Jacqui Smith and Pornographic movies in the headline and jumped to all sorts of wrong conclusions. I feel rather unwell".
Rating +243 Stuart, Dartmouth, 29/3/2009 3:30

Since it's Sunday I just went thought the whole comment list and ticked all of the comments apart from the three or four Labour trolls who scored massive negatives. Fun way to start my day !

Jaqui 'Porn Queen' Smith has a certain ring to it.

Fidothedog said...

No matter what she does this is just going to run an run.

The woman is finished, she will brass neck it out and the mockery will just carry on.

Anonymous said...

The only ones making the effort to expose sleaze? Poppycock. Did you read the article? It's copied and pasted from the Virgin Media website. It's basically an advert for adult services offered by cable!

What someone views in their own home is their own business; even if the home secretary doesn't approve then that is a private, not a public, issue. I agree that this, along with thousands of pounds worth of other purchases, should not have been paid for by the taxpayer. We need that money! Those Iraqi children aren't going to put 'friendly fire' bullets in their own heads.

Tarquin said...

Why bother? There are no replacements available in the Labour party and they will be out of office within a year (or 13 months)

It's better for the people to have a lame and useless Home Sec for now, and better for Labour to not try desperate reshuffles before they are put to the sword