Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guido vs Dolly

If you didn't see it earlier, here are the videos of Guido vs Dolly.

I am glad that the BBC found time to show a clip from Daniel Hannan's speech, but I suspect it will still be absent from tea-time telly on the Beeb tonight. They may poorly claim that not many people know about Daniel Hannan, but they fail to realise that a tax-payer funded broadcaster must take a big chunk of the blame for that given Daniel's tireless work. A balanced broadcaster would have long ago picked up Daniel's work and given him some airtime. The Beeb has been shown up by Fox News. I imagine some BBC news editors sneer at Fox News, but they are more balanced than the BBC and they have scooped them on this.

Anyway, once you have watched the above, come join in the banter and make Question Time bearable by live blogging with us over at Biased BBC.

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