Friday, March 13, 2009

G20 Preperations

So how are preparations going so far?

We this week we learned that certain dignitaries attending next month will be exempt from the smoking ban for the G20 summit. So despite absolute enforcement of the ban being quite unpopular as soon as the Marlboro President flies in laws of the land are being put to one side.

Today we learn that a PR company that is advising the Government on the organising of the G20 has classified countries into two tiers of importance. This is apparently to target key backers to help Gordon Brown QUANGOcratise world financial markets, so that a global body, that will be accountable to itself, and not to any set of voters can be imposed.

The lowly deadbeats that should just be grateful for the invite include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey. That's right Australia and Canada who have repeatedly stood fast and whose citizens have given their lives to protect British freedoms are publicly second rung guests.

There is a £50m budget in place and this is Gordon Browns last chance to make some kind of dent on global diplomatic relations before he gets permanently bogged down in trying to actually win an election. I am expecting post summit for that £50m figure to be exposed as not being met and the true costs being higher.

How many days now until that General Election?


Gregg said...

Good post, glad I've found your blog.

And I voted for Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

subrosa said...

But Daniel, just how much will Gordon give away to the 'poor' countries, you know the ones, where the masters live in palaces and the people live in squalor.

That upsets me more than anything. Trixy posts on that too.

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Gregg for visiting and for voting.

Subrosa - Absolutely right, £50m on a vanity exercise while the masses will tonight be asked [lectured at, and guilt tripped] to put their hands in their pockets to raise money for charity.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

£50m, cummon guys, that's only a quid each.