Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recommended Reading - The Biased BBC Edition

I was going to post my normal Saturday Morning Recommended Reading post, lots of good stuff today on the BoS on the BBC, so because the BBC's contempt for you and me is so totally apparent, here are a few two fingered salutes back.

John Redwood says he was invited on the Today Programme, then uninvited when he proposed making a rational argument, here. (Also see some of the comments on this other post, here.)

Biased BBC has no separate posting links, so here is the main site. Recently posted items include a Vlog from Mr B-BBC himself David Vance and a poll questioning what aspect of the Bias most worries you.

Not A Sheep, Maybe a Goat analyses that same BBC Bias, here.

Events Dear Boy, Events reveals it will be yet another Tory free Andrew Marr show, here.

And, is Doug Carswell MP advocating non-payment of the Licence Fee in protest of the BBC's failure to argue in favour of capitalism? Here.


subrosa said...

It was good to see David Vance Daniel, I always read his blog because he's usually spot on.

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Subrosa

I agree, nice to see a face for someone I read so often. I also join in the live-blogging on a Thursday so I have had live conversations with David.

I guess that is the age we are in when you can get to know about someone before you know what they look like. (Thats also why I never considered Internet Dating years back when I was single, in case they some young lady ran a mile when they actually saw me!)