Monday, March 30, 2009

Another year, another £85m

Seems Jacqui Smith has decided not to resign over the "Wankergate", or as I may start referring to it, "Masturgate" scandal.

I said yesterday that she should be sacked, not allowed to resign; but, maybe she should be sacked now seeing as it is clear that she would rather drag the dignity of her post through the mud rather than give up her £22,948 house top up payments, the £20,694 on her office and stationery, or the £92,587 that she is granted to pay for a staff, (£40,000 of which ends up in hubby Richards pocket).

All in all, Ms. Smith Claimed £145,331 in additional payments in the 2007/8 payments. A drop in the ocean of the combined £86.7m claimed in total (£55.3m are listed as "staffing costs"). But the £145,331 is on top of a salary of £141,866. (As per the stats published here, by Guido). She is still claiming on her house in Redditch while that lovely grace and favour house sits empty.

Journalists are just going to follow her and Brown around the G20 asking Gordon Brown if she is going to resign or if he is going to sack her. Jacqui Smith will never be allowed to get passed this and it is going to get in the way of her being taken seriously in the role of Home Secretary. I wonder if President Obama asked weigh in with an opinion? I guess Hilary will not be asked in case it opens up old wounds. Maybe Obama will give her a gift basket of DVD's her and Dicky to enjoy, that will save us taxpayers a few quid, and at least he knows the Smith family are movie fans.

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