Friday, September 11, 2009

We Are Not Paedophiles!

This immediately caught my eye lunchtime today, and I am quick as I suspect will others be to protest the latest over-reach from Mother-Labour.

National press are today reporting that ordinary people will have to start getting CRB checked if they visit schools, contribute to the school run, volunteer with the cubs and scouts... etc.

We reached the point when Labour went too far a long time back, but this piece of proposed legislation is absolute trite and an exercise which highlights how vacuous this Government is. More jobs for the boys, and empty legislation designed to make the Idiots in Government look tough whilst being downright insulting and intrusive on the people in the real world. England was once the land where the people were free and happy; the land where nobody would ever be forced to turn over evidence regarding themselves in the absence of criminal charges.

The absence of a check will lead to fines and the check will allow for local authorities to be given legal access to enter homes and establish private interviews with children. Upon announcement Baroness Morgan said the legislation was designed to “avoid another Soham,” sewing immediately an image in the minds if those who are unthinking and stupidly willing that ANYONE who would not welcome such an intrusion must be like Ian Huntley.

Look where we are today. Your rights are just something that gets in their way, an obstacle that can be got around.

Fining parents £5,000 for dropping the neighbour’s kids at school in the absence of a CRB check could turn out to be the poster image and abiding memory that will haunt Labour for decades.

Faustie has already set up a facebook group entitled “I am not a Paedophile” - I hope if you too are outraged that you will go join as well.

I have a suspicion.

My suspicion is; and it is outrageously low, even for Labour is that this is a political ploy… It is the announcement of a huge database and super-sized QUANGO, increased snooping powers for councils all rolled up in an action that increasing diminishes individual rights. This, just months before an election, and right as their chief opposition are arguing that the state needs to be rolled back.. Labour then counter and use their interpretation of the protection of children in their argument to carry on with the uber-Marxist project.

… Or am I being just overly cynical of an already despised and disreputable Government??

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Tarquin said...

Oh yes we are Dan - best lock us all up from birth...just in case

Seriously though I don't know what to make of it politically - if it is cynical as you suggest then it's a bloody piss-poor attempt

I think it more likely this is another pet project/agenda - they allow harman to witter on despite public opinion so why not some leftie nonsense about databases and protecting children by trashing our rights

If labour do win another election I have a feeling we're actually going to be getting political prisoners within our own country