Monday, September 21, 2009

EU Prez Poll Closes

After a couple of extensions, my poll asking who you would want to be UK nominee for President of Europe (if you actually got a vote, which you don’t) has closed.

The following candidates could not convince even the passing trolls to vote for them. They are Ken Livingstone, Lord Mandelson, Robert Kilroy-Silk and surprisingly for me Sir Richard Branson who I thought would likely secure a good place amongst the independents I listed.

Sir Paul Judge of the Jury Team managed 1%, and then the following candidates managed 2% George Galloway, Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Sir Alex Ferguson and the likely #1 candidate, Tony Blair.

In fifth Place was former PM Sir John Major with 5% and in fourth was current BNP leader Nick Griffin with 6%.

Third, and beating the rest of the pack except for the two run away candidates was the blogger North Northwester, who nominated himself in the comments of the initial post. A career in European politics may beckon.

The two candidates that ran away with the vote, and I admit it would be interesting if there was a run-off vote between them are Nigel Farage in second with 28% and the winner was Daniel Hannan with 31%.

Daniel Hannan popularity within the centre-right blogosphere is still rising, and I think that will start to filter through to people who are less inclined to the web the more we approach the General Election. I will take one last opportunity as well of highlighting this petition over on VOTR set up to seek to get some momentum behind urging Mr Hannan to run for the UK Parliament in Westminster.

My initial point was that Mr Farage is prepared to stick up for the UK in the EU, and that is something I appreciate. I am sure Daniel Hannan would be the same and the two run away candidates represent a similar outlook on the EU and shows perhaps that the core of people that visit this blog approve of an EU-sceptic viewpoint.

The poll will self-destruct tomorrow morning and will then vanish into the ether forever.

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