Monday, September 21, 2009

Czech Republic May Refer Lisbon Treaty To Courts

It is being widely reported that President Klaus is preparing to refer the Lisbon Treaty back to the courts for another Constitutional Review causing a delay on ratification of at least 6 months, regardless of whether Ireland ratifies or not.

For me, this is great news.  It puts a very tight and narrow window of opportunity in front of David Cameron for holding true to his pledge to give the UK a referendum after a Conservative election victory.  But it also helps aid the argument that the people of Ireland are not alone in their doubts about this treaty.  President Klaus is made of stern stuff, and he knows what an EU with expanded powers will do, and he like the majority of us does not like that prospect.  But at least he has the backbone to stand up to the EU elite.

If Lisbon is no longer a possibility, maybe Labour will get on with an election anyway - or at least boot out that incompetent oaf that is in charge now.

This is not the end of it, EU leaders like Barroso and Sarkozy will huff and puff; but if Ireland does vote yes, and I hope they will not, our fate will only be kept alive by the Czech Republic and Poland. 

And don't forget, Lisbon hands a lot of defence initiative to the EU, and weakens NATO's role in European defence - after last week's announcements regarding the end of the Missile Shield in these countries, a further resolve can be established in not wishing this horrific treaty to be ratified.  Which would you trust more for your security if you lived so close to Russia, NATO or the EU? 

Just to say thanks, may I encourage people to have a quick look through the Czech Export guide and see if we can help Czech export trade.  Personally, I am going to go out and buy a few pints of Staropramen which is sold in my local pub.

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