Thursday, September 10, 2009

Calling Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I am still very happy with the platform and service [especially the fact that it is free].  I was delighted to see when playing around with the settings recently that there was a new publish platform available which I duly used... However, as a child of the UK national curriculum and state schooling I am not sure if this blog will survive without a Spell Check function. 

I ain't kidding.

Please install ASAP



Blue Eyes said...

How about the Firefox built-in spell check?

Daniel1979 said...

What's that?

All Seeing Eye said...

Daniel, they also dropped the video upload facility on the new version which was annoying.

Hopefully it'll be back, like your spellchecker, next tweak.

Tarquin said...

go to firefox add-ons (google it) and then look for dictionary> british

It's very good - apparently firefox and google aren't words and british needs a capital letter...