Monday, September 28, 2009

Browns Britain 2

From the Daily Telegraph:

Claire and Scott David claim Carol Hill, 60, was made a scapegoat for telling them what happened to their daughter Chloe, seven.

She is alleged to have had her hands and feet bound with skipping rope before being whipped by four boys at her school in June.

Her parents claim that Great Tey Primary School near Colchester in Essex tried to cover up what happened because one of the boys was the son of a prominent parent.

They have removed both Chloe and her brother from the school and are consulting lawyers about what action they can take.

Mrs Hill, who was told not to return to her job after a disciplinary hearing on Monday, has already launched legal action.

"The only thing I can think of is that the school wanted to cover up what had happened and they were furious that Carol blew the whistle," Chloe’s father Scott David said.

"But if it’s happened with my daughter, how many others has it happened to?

"We were part of the Parent Teacher Association. We’ve supported everything the school has done.

"We were disgusted at Mrs Hill’s dismissal. It’s affecting her health quite significantly. Her whole life was the school and making the children happy. I feel she’s been made a scapegoat."
It continues:

The entry in the school accident book about the incident reads: "Chloe has been tied up and then hit with a skipping rope – red marks on right leg and right wrist".

The notice sent to her parents reads: "She was hurt on the right leg and right wrist with a skipping rope"

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All Seeing Eye said...

Slightly disinenguous to say "...of a prominent parent" when the paper could have pointed out that the parent of the bully in question was a governor.

A disgraceful abuse of position, and the governor should be kicked out immediately. I hope this lady sues and wins handsomely.