Monday, September 21, 2009

Ireland Beginning To Look Set To Vote No

I have never believed the people of Ireland were about to drastically reverse their positions in such a short time on Lisbon, and having spent some time in Ireland last year I got a sense that voters in Ireland feel very removed from politicians and from politics, though not apathetic towards political subjects and discussion. Discussion on Lisbon was not dismissed, and was widely in-depth and considered. This was never appreciated by the EU who seemed to openly assume Ireland could not have understood the treaty, that's the only reason they could fathom for its rejection.

So I am excited tonight to see that England Expects has said that word has reached him that a Gael Poll with a sample of 1,500 shows a massive surge in support for the NO camp, with a potential 59%/41% split in favour of rejection.

I hope I am not putting the cart before the horse but this is potentially positive news and comes much earlier than the last minute swing that occurred for the first referendum. It would make the Czech, German and Polish ratifications moot, and throw the EU in chaos. So assured were they of their project, that huge swathes of Lisbon has already been implemented prior to acceptance.

Things could be about to get very interesting.

Update: Slugger O'Toole says the same HERE.

Update 2 22-Sep-09 12:08:: UK Polling Report says the Poll should not be taken seriously HERE.

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