Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August Top Referrals

It’s that time of the month again folks, when I give THANKS and recognition to those who sent traffic this way.

August has been my quietest month of the year so far, which I am attributing to both a lengthy absence from myself and it being the silly season.

Here is my top ten referrals list for August, with the change from July’s position in brackets.

1. (+19) The All Seeing Eye

2. (+6) The Daily Referendum

3. (-1) Unenlightened Commentary

4. (-3) The Voice of the Resistance*

5. (+12) Scunnert Nation

6. (-2) Cato Says

7. (New) RantinRab

8. (RE) Advanced Media Watch

9. (New) Calling England

=10. (-5) Subrosa

=10. (-7) The Barking Spider

=12. (+5) My Own Doubts, =12. (New) Prats In Power =12. (New) The Voice of the Resistance* =15. (-5) Other Blogger Stuff =15. (-10) SNP Tactical Voting =15. (+2) John Ward 18. (New) Football Banter 19. (New) Fausty’s Blog 20. (-6) Events Dear Boy, Events.

So Thanks to everybody who links here, I always appreciate the traffic, and hope that I can reciprocate with some traffic back your way.

I will also re-iterate here my thanks also to those of you who took the trouble to vote for me on the Total Politics Poll, which placed me much, much higher than I had contemplated possible. As I said before, I have no idea based on my position how many votes that translates to, but I appreciate that those of you who did vote did so.

*There are 2 blogs called Voice of the Resistance, both of which I am fortunate enough to be linked on.

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